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Closets and dealing with loved ones things

Dear Les is More:

I do not have the time to clean my closet, but is there one thing that I can do now?

Thanks! Anne


Dear Anne:

Congrats on wanting to get organized. Yes, there is a very easy way to start. I want you to put a laundry basket on the floor of your closet. When you are getting ready in the morning or any other time and trying on clothes and you try on something you do not like, or does not fit anymore put it in the basket.  When the basket is filled, put in a large garbage bag, write down what is in there—and deliver to Salvation Army.  Keep doing this until you have the closet of your dreams. Good Luck.

Dear Les Is More:

My uncle just died and my cousins and I are responsible for all of his stuff—what do we do with it?


Dear Bill:

My condolences to you and your family.  I would go through everything and decide who wants it. Then, when you all have your items separated—then you need decide what to do with them. Pick a few of the pieces you love and he loved or anything you two shared. Next, I would do research on what you are left with, and decide if you want to sell it, donate it or pack it up and put it in your attic. If you pack it up for at least a year, it will hurt less when you are ready to let it go. Good Luck. Have an Organized Day.